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Monday, August 6, 2012

Plastic Surgery

Apologies for the long hiatus between posts!  Things have been busy at the Berry Center, and then yours truly went on vacation.  The nice thing about long breaks is that things change quite a bit over that timespan, and that is most definitely true with the Berry Prairie!

Not too long ago, the Prairie looked something like this:

Now the Prairie is looking more like this:

If you recall, the Berry Prairie experienced a major set back this summer when one of the contractors cut through both waterproof membranes that protects the building below from the water and dirt above. This allowed water from the irrigation system to enter the roof and the room below.  

Now, the green roof is entirely relocated and the contractors are pulling up the membranes to fix the water damage below.  Pictures of the relation process will be available soon.  

The team is expected to complete their project by mid to late August, allowing for the plants to be reinstalled well before first frost.  Keep your fingers crossed that it plays out that way!

Stay tuned!

Written by Brenna Wanous Marsicek, Berry Center

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