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Friday, August 24, 2012

The Hold Up

In the west, a hold up can have a couple of meanings.  Think stage coaches and canvas bags with a big $ on the side.


But in the context of the Berry Prairie, it refers to the lack of progress on the green roof this week.  The green roof still looks like this (below) largely because everyone is being extra careful to make sure the membrane system is 100% waterproof.  A worthy cause for a hold up, most certainly, but still a bit of a rain on the parade.

Interesting Landscape Additions
But we do have an additional "accessory" outside the Berry Center, which right now is more decorative than functional:

This bad boy is the conveyor belt that will facilitate putting the soil back on the green roof.  Because part of the patio surrounding the green roof is part of the roof, we can't back a big truck right up to the edge of the prairie, lest we create bigger and more destructive problems should the truck fall through the roof into the Vertebrate Collection.  Slightly worse than water damage.

The growing medium is held in these bags, cinched up tight to prevent weed seeds from blowing in and medium from blowing away.  The medium and the conveyor belt should be in action on Tuesday, the 28th.  Keep your fingers crossed!

Written by Brenna Wanous Marsicek, Berry Center

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