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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Progress and Variety

The green roof's first membrane has been proven waterproof!  Hooray!  Now the next layers of metal mesh, which is a component of the leak monitoring system, felt and membrane #2 go on.  Below you can see that one section of the green roof is receiving its second membrane already. 

Variety Hour

And because we've had FAR too much orange in our pictures this week and last, here are a few to switch up the biodiversity:

Bombus huntii, or Hunt's bumble bee gathers pollen from a non-native Echinecia near the Berry Prairie. 
We installed a new Penstemon Biodiversity Garden in the alley behind the Berry Center

A bat has made the Berry Center at least a temporary residence!  Neat little guy!

Written by Brenna Wanous Marsicek

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